Purr-o-lux recently had an enquiry from Marcia Sewelson that reads; “Hello, I recently experience sleeping in a Purr-o-lux bed and would like to buy one. Please let me know how I can do this. I live in Los Angeles, California USA!”

Curious as to where Marcia had slept on one of our beds/mattresses we sent a reply; “Good morning Marcia, How lovely to hear that after sleeping in one of our beds, you would love to purchase one! We are a bed and mattress manufacturer so can sell our products at low factory prices. Can you let us know where it was that you slept on one of our beds? This will hopefully help to establish the quality and style of bed supplied to the place that you stayed.
You can visit our web site www.purr-o-lux.com where you will find a great selection of beds and mattresses, though you would be able to purchase a bed/mattress at great value the shipping costs might be a problem!These would have to be met by yourself, However! our MD has said that he would love to deliver it personally taking a route through Russia, Alaska, Canada then onto LA…….but only if you meet the costs!! Thank you for the enquiry Purr-o-lux”

Marcia replied” Good morning and thank you so much for your quick reply! I was at the Maravilla in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! I think your boss should definitely add this destination to his trip while en route! ha ha. So it seems like if I’m thinking about shipping costs from England I may have a problem! I’m still dreaming of that bed so if there are any places closer to this part of the world that I could purchase it I would really be so happy!! Thanks Marcia”

Purr-o-lux replied; “Wow Mexico! We really don’t know how one of our beds got there! We do supply hotels but not overseas, we can only assume that someone has had it personally shipped across. I think you may have to keep dreaming of our bed! If you ever visit the UK please pop in and see us!”

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