Purotex Active Probiotics – Breathe… Sleep… Enjoy your nights!

Self-cleaning bed

Dust mites are found in every home and their favorite spot is the bed: They thrive in a warm, humid and dark environment with plenty of food. People provide the heat and humidity while sleeping and there are “mountains” of micro skin cells to eat. 

Magnified fibre 1   Purotex is a textile treatment that uses five 100% natural bacteria – or probiotics -, selected for their ability to clean up house dust mite allergen along with other allergen types.

Purotex mattress textiles contain millions of probiotic capsules, more than enough to outlast the lifespan of a mattress. In an environment with a drastically reduced allergen, the risk of allergic symptoms is reduced considerably sleeping in the self-cleaning bed.

In the sleep environment, House Dust Mite Allergy (HDMA) is a growing reason for concern. Allergic symptoms are triggered each time people inhale the allergen while resting or sleeping. Sensitivity to the house dust mite allergen has a negative impact on the quality of sleep.

Magnified fibre 266% of all mites are found in bed, where people spend on average 52.5 hours per week (source Allergy UK) and they are fully exposed to the allergens of the house dust mite.

 60% to 80% of all asthma patients are hypersensitive to dust mites. House Dust Mite Allergen (HDMA) complaints peak in autumn as people spend more time inside, as it gets darker and the weather gets more humid.


• Purotex reduces humidity.

• Purotex cleans up allergens.

•Purotex self-cleaning bed creates a clean and healthy sleeping environment.



Hover Bed

One of the most comfortable beds to sleep on with lots of luxury fillings, including lambswool and layers of soft cotton. Optima pocket sprung for sound sleep and support.


A firm central pocket sprung mattress containing 4480 individual cushioned pocket springs. Luxurious wool and cotton fillings with comfy bamboo for the cool feel. Stylish design base with deep fillings (you could even sleep on this base) standing on casters with chrome guard feet.

C3 Bed

Three comfortable sleep systems in one. Reversible pillow top with 1700 cushioned pocket springs, multi pocket mother mattress with soft woolen mix insulators, layers and layers of comfortable fillings like alpaca, wool and cotton. Complemented with a deep modern luxury upholstered base on casters with chrome guards.