Help & Advice

Help and Advice

Introducing Pocket Sprung
There are over a thousand individual cone springs in a 4ft 6” double mattress, all placed in their own pockets to give individual movement. Pocket Sprung Beds contain all the best fillings available on the market such as cotton felt, coir fibre, lambs wool or horse hair. The idea of the pocket sprung is to give you excellent back support without pressure points but with plenty of comfort so aiding a sound sleep. At Purr-O-Lux we never go lower than one thousand spring count. Any lower and it is not a good system, any higher and it is overkill. Each mattress has side supports for that extra support on the edge.

Caring for your new bed
Here are a few simple tasks to enable you to get the best from your new bed. You should turn your new mattress every 14 days for the first few months to allow the filing to settle. After this turn it every 3 months. Most importantly you should air the mattress where possible. Try to avoid making the bed as soon as you get up as this will give the body moisture time to evaporate. Also around three times year strip the bed and leave uncovered for several hours preferably with the window open to get fresh air to it. These practices will prolong the life of your new mattress and keep it fresh.

Delivery of your new bed
At Purr-O-Lux we have our own delivery vans and offer a delivery service in the local area. We charge £12 for delivery within a 25 mile radius of our showroom in Bury. For deliveries further afield please contact us on Tel: 0161 797 4044 for details or e-mail us via the contacts page on our website. You are welcome to collect your order by prior arrangement. All our beds are made to order the day before delivery so your bed will be fresh for you.

Why we do not take old beds away
Removing old beds is very bad practice. If you can imagine a mattress that has been slept on for more than 20 years gathering body moisture and scales of skin, it would be extremely unhygienic if we delivered your bed alongside it on the van. It is for this reason that we do not offer a disposal service.